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Re: snapmirror status tool?

On Sun, 13 Apr 2008, Matt Domsch wrote:

> One of the challenges to set up push-mirroring (where a tool somehow
> informs mirrors that there's new content ready to be pulled) is that
> we're using NetApps with snapmirroring to sync data across PHX, TPA,
> and RDU.  While we know when rel-eng uploads data to the netapp in
> PHX, we don't know when all that data is quite synced to the netapps
> in TPA and RDU.
> Or do we?
> http://ecserv1.uwaterloo.ca/netapp/man/man1/na_snapmirror.1.html
> notes that there is a command, snapmirror status, which can be used on
> the filers to determine mirroring status/progress/complete-or-not, to
> each destination.  I can't run this command on the filers, but with
> the help of SOC, we should be able to have an automated tool that runs
> this command on our behalf regularly and posts the results somewhere
> that we can read the status...
> If we know the status, then we can implement push-mirroring to the
> various mirror tiers.  Tell tier 0 mirrors when the content is done
> snapmirroring and ready for them to pull.  Then tell the tier 1
> mirrors when the Tier 0 mirrors are done.  etc.
> Mike, can you file a request with SOC requesting such a tool?

yeah, I'll drop a line.  I requested access to the machines themselves so
we could look but it got denied.


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