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Re: Change (already) - steved

Mike McGrath wrote:
One thing we'd been talking about before the freeze but just didn't get
around to was giving steved (nfs expert) access to our nfs box where
/mnt/koji lives as we still seem to be having nfslock issues (though they
are less frequent now).

This is mostly so A) he can see how things are setup before an outage and
B) get immediate access to see what happened during the outage.

I'd like to get his account on there (and possibly xen2 if he needs it)
before the freeze so we can keep the outage time to a minimum and possibly
have a fix right then or at least have a fix after the change freeze

Anyone opposed?  The only change here is actually giving steved access to
the boxes (with sudo) any other changes will have to come back through the
list when we have them.


PS.  This isn't in an SOP but if nfslock happens on nfs1 and steved isn't
around.  Anyone in sysadmin-main can just reboot the box which will cause
a quick down time but we've yet to figure out how to bring nfslock back up
sanely without the reboot.



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