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Re: Change freeze request: Fix invalid login pages

I'd go with #2.

2008/4/15 Toshio Kuratomi <a badger gmail com>:
When I built the last python-fedora, I built the package in my working tree instead of making a fresh branch.  This means the python-fedora package I deployed on Friday has some incompatible changes that weren't meant to go in until the next release.  This is leading people to get an internal server error when they try to login with an invalid username/password.

There's two options: spin a new package based off the actual python-fedora-  The diff for that would look like bzr-

The alternative is to only fix the problem that we know we're having with BaseClient.  The patch for that is quite a bit smaller:  it's just a few lines to change exception handling in fas2.py and jsonfasprovider.py to use the new exception hierarchy in BaseClient.

Risk for option #1: we have had the new python-fedora deployed since Friday and this is the only problem reported so far.  The patch is bigger than for option #2 and thus there's more room for unexpected problems.

Risk for option #2: We definitely do not want to push this package out to the other servers as it's likely to break error handling in clients because of the new exception hierarchy.  Since we're in change freeze we're not likely to do that for a while.

I'm inclined for option #2.  What do others think?


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