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Re: Self-Introduction: Diego Búrigo Zacarão

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 06:29:48PM -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Apr 2008, Diego Búrigo Zacarão wrote:
> > Hello, all!
> >
> > I have been contributing with Fedora Project for years, mainly as Ambassador
> > and Translator. Now, I'm running around the web development. Currently I'm
> > working on some Transifex enhancements and that drives me to be the newest
> > member of Fedora Infrastructure Projetc.
> >
> > I'm glad to be here! ;)
> >
> Welcome Diego!  We're glad to have more help with Transifex.

Diego has been involved for quite a while as a very effective
translator of Fedora into Brazilian Portuguese.  Thanks, Diego, for
your willingness to get involved in all sorts of pieces of Fedora! :-)

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