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Change freeze request: add error pages to domains that don't have them

This was a change started before the freeze that Ricky and I worked on.  

http://www.fedoraproject.org/wronglink will give a nice custom 404 page, while other domains (such as start.fedoraproject.org) don't, just giving the default apache one (http://start.fedoraproject.org/wronglink).
Ricky and I setup a /e/ directory that contains the multi language error pages, so that you can go to /e/404 and get the right 404 page in the right language.

For the other domains that do not have a 404 error page configured, I'll add a 404.conf file to the apache conifg, alias /e/ to the same one as fp.o, and then set the error page for that domain to be /e/404.
That would give the default fedora 404 page, and allow for MultiView to work so it will be in the right language.  The same will be done for 500.

mmcgrath and I have been talking about this over the last week and a half - since the change freeze is extended abit more, I'd like to wrap this up and have it in place.


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