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CVS Outage

In order to mass branch packages for F-9, we are enacting an outage of
the CVS system.  We sincerely apologize for not having any advanced
warning of this outage.  Delays in Fedora 9 Preview release made the
scheduling of the mass branch uncertain.

There will be an outage starting at 2008-04-19 18:00 UTC.  Initial
estimates show that 30 hours will be needed to complete the branching,
however this may drastically be reduced during the full run.

To convert UTC to your local time, take a look at 
or run:

date -d '2008-04-19 18:00 UTC UTC'

Affected Services:

    Fedora CVS

Unaffected Services:
    Everything that is not Fedora CVS.

Reason for Outage:
  Mass branch for F-9.  We need to disable change mail and ACL lookups
to make the branching happen as fast as possible.

Contact Information:
  Jesse Keating <jkeating fedoraproject org>
Please join #fedora-admin in irc.freenode.net or respond to this email
to track the status of this outage.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- All my bits are free, are yours?

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