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Re: Change Request: Moving bugzilla sync scripts onto Fedora Boxes

Mike McGrath wrote:
On Mon, 21 Apr 2008, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:

The Bugzilla sync scripts are currently running on a RHEL4 machine on Jeremy's
desk.  There are a few problems with them that would be hard to fix without
RHEL 5.  Since it would be helpful to move this out to a Fedora box anyway so
anyone can modify them, I'd like to move them to the app servers.

I'm fine with this, do those scripts make changes to the database directly
or via bugzilla?  If its viabugzilla we should probably put them on a
machine that is not in phx.

Via bugzilla xmlrpc. The special phx address works inside of phx and bugzilla.redhat.com works outside of it. Now that app5 is stable (Over an hour, woo hoo!) I can set them up in puppet to run from there.


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