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Fedora Services API

Hey guys, I'm talking especially to the web app developers here, but I also hope that other people will chime in with useful thoughts.

As part of python-fedora, I've started documenting some standards for Fedora Services. These will go hand in hand with documents on how to use BaseClient that I am in the process of writing. These documents will document how Fedora Services should be written rather than how they are currently implemented. As such, I want to make sure everyone:

1) has a chance to review the document and make comments/changes before the changesare integrated into BaseClient and people have to port to things that are backwards incompatible.

2) can bring up other areas that need to be addressed.

For instance, skvidal recently wrote a short client to the pkgdb that can generate email aliases for packages (so package packages fp o could send mail to all the committers to a package). He had the following comments to make:

1) It would be nice to have an introspection API to look at what methods are available on a TG app and how to use them.

2) JSON data that is deeply nested sucks because objects are turned into dictionaries so you have to write things like:


to get the status of a person's acls on a package.

I'd like to get other people's input on how to work on these and any other issues before completing the next python-fedora so I can be sure that I've got most of the incompatibilities in. Talking here and on IRC is welcome.

Here's the current version of the Fedora Services Documentation. What's there should be complete. Addressing skvidal's concerns hasn't even been stubbed out yet::

The BaseClient Documentation is still in heavy flux.  It's here::


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