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Re: Change Request: setup restart-memhogs on fas1/2

On Sun, 27 Apr 2008, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:

> We have a script to restart TG apps on the app servers when their memory
> exceeds a customizable limit.  We have this run on the app servers on
> alternate hours so that we don't take down all the load balanced copies of an
> app at the same time.  This has proved useful for a few of our apps which have
> a tendency to grow until the box starts swapping.  I'd like to set this up for
> fas1 and fas2 before we get to the hard change freeze.
> As an initial limit, I want to start with 1GB of rss before an app restarts.
> The present usage
>                        fas1     fas2
> Memory on the box:   4096000   2048000
> Memory usage after
> 1 day 21 hours:       728820   1005260

Thats fine, we should ultimately de-x86_64 these boxes but with everything
else going on.... the mem-hog script will be best.

+1 from me.


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