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Re: Change Request: Test unicode fixes on transifex on app4

On Wed, 30 Apr 2008, Ricky Zhou wrote:

> Recently, translators with unicode characters in their name have been
> unable to commit to some modules in Transifex.  Since these translations
> need to be submitted for the F9 release and I haven't been able to
> reproduce on a testing instance, I'd like to try a fix on the production
> version on app4.  This should be pretty low risk (and affect nothing but
> transifex for a few minutes).  The change looks something like:
> command = [arg.encode('utf8') for arg in command]
> after line 127 in /srv/tg/transifex/transifex/util.py.  If this doesn't
> work out, I will have to look for other problems (which should once
> again only affect transifex for a bit).
> Does this sound safe?

Not doing this means some translations for some F9 content won't get
translated?  if thats the case then I'd say +1.  Seems low risk and has a
positive, direct outsomce on F9.


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