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Re: Change Request: Test unicode fixes on transifex on app4

Ricky Zhou wrote:
Recently, translators with unicode characters in their name have been
unable to commit to some modules in Transifex.  Since these translations
need to be submitted for the F9 release and I haven't been able to
reproduce on a testing instance, I'd like to try a fix on the production
version on app4.  This should be pretty low risk (and affect nothing but
transifex for a few minutes).  The change looks something like:

command = [arg.encode('utf8') for arg in command]

after line 127 in /srv/tg/transifex/transifex/util.py.  If this doesn't
work out, I will have to look for other problems (which should once
again only affect transifex for a bit). Does this sound safe?
Sounds safe. But after looking at this on IRC I'm not sure that addresses the actual problem (it might be treating a symptom.)

Can we get a bit of logging into there so we can see what's going on?

I'd like to know what the value of the arguments being passed to subprocess.Popen() is and also what their types are.


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