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Re: Puppet and modules

Mike McGrath wrote:
So I've been working on modules for a bit now getting better educated on
them.  One thing that we haven't completely come to an agreement on is
what should be a module, and what should the module be called.  So until
we come up with a perfect test of it.  Here's what you should go by:

Is it a package you're trying to configure?  If yes.  it should be a
module.  And that module should have the exact same name as the module.

For now http is an exception to this because there's efficiencies to be
gained.  You don't have to go switch everything you're doing to modules
right away but when you're looking to configure something, like postfix,
for example.  hit up the modules/ directory first.  if its not in there.
Look elsewhere.

Having a good test question will be essential to keeping modules clean and
not end up in an environment like we (and I'm sure many) are in where
stuff is just stored all over the place.  This may change in the future
but until that point, stick with this.

Just to make sure you have seen these resources:

Existing Modules

Proposed Standards:

Also Genome and Thincrust are using alot of puppet, and may have some modules to use

-- bk

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