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Re: Introduction

Grady Laksmono wrote:
Hi Toshio,
The main language that I use for programming is Java, but I've just in love with Python and has been programming with it about 10 weeks ago for a game project using Panda 3D game engine. I'm definitely interested to do work with codes, using Python and/or any other languages such as C/C++, PHP, and Java. I listed my previous experiences (in which most of the time deal with the web development), and my technical skills at http://laksmono.com/curriculum-vitae/

I checked out https://fedorahosted.org, and I'm interested with the Amber project (https://fedorahosted.org/amber/) by reading its description. I thought that it would be very helpful to have this feature to be released in Fedora 10.

Excellent! Robin Norwood is the lead developer of amber. I've CC'd him. Robin, do you have any python work for a new contributor to get their feet wet with the amber code?


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