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Re: *.fedoraproject.org

Mike McGrath wrote:
We now have a *.fedoraproject.org wildcard cert.  This will make creating
websites significantly easier.  We already have some plans for the
translated wiki and such.  I'm going to be implementing this cert soon for
much of our infrastructure.  My tests worked fine but just the same,
conversion to production might produce some cert oddness.  Please do keep
your eyes open.

I've never worked with a wildcard cert before and right now plain old
"fedoraproject.org" doesn't work.  This makes sense but I'm wondering if
anyone knows a way around it.  Is it not possible to create a cert for
your entire domain as you'll always have at least a *.example.com and a
root "example.com" cert?  correct me if I'm wrong on that.

You are correct.  You must have the *.domain CERT *and* the root
domain CERT.  No way around it.

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