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Re: rawhide, /mnt/koji and /pub/fedora

2008/8/28 Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com>
On Thu, 2008-08-28 at 16:55 +1200, Nigel Jones wrote:
> Why not something like:
> sudo /usr/local/bin/rawhideftpsync.sh <random bit>
> that runs: rsync ...<normal path>.<random bit> ...

I think I'd rather not have yet another script to puppet manage and
such, so if we could just maybe allow rsync it might be fine.

as nigel said, just allow masher to only sudo su - ftpsync from sudoer  or to just rsync the specific dir

I just noticed we're going to have to do the same to allow it to do mail
as the rawhide user (or somebody is going to have to tell me how to set
the From address to something else when calling /bin/mail).

yeah, you can easily do that by invoking : /bin/mail -r From_adress
hope that mailx is up to date ;)

Xavier.t Lamien
GPG-Key ID: F3903DEB
Fingerprint: 0F2A 7A17 0F1B 82EE FCBF 1F51 76B7 A28D F390 3DEB

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