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Re: torrent tracker/primary seed software

seth vidal wrote:
So, we're setting up the new torrent tracker and we're debating which
tracker software to use.

bittorrent: 5.2.0 - released in nov 2007 - it's the last open source version b/c apparently the authors got greedy and stupid.
            It's not painfully out of date, though and it would be
            relatively to setup and shift over to it.

ctorrent: theoretically being maintained and theoretically capable of being a tracker. It doesn't seem to have any nice initscripts. And the configuration for additional trackers
          looks more convulted than might otherwise be desired. Welcome
          to suggestions on initscripts, etc

rtorrent: not obvious this is a tracker at all. It looks more like an
          ncurses-based client. Subpar for our usage.

In case anyone is unclear what our usage is. We use the torrent
tracker/seed as a simple server. We drop files in a directory and they
are available on the tracker. It logs what went where and lets us get
data out of it about how many things have been downloaded and from

Open to suggestions about better tracker software to use. Requirements:
1. must be free software
2. must log/record stats
3. must act sensibly

Is cbtt not on this list for a reason? Fedora Unity has been looking into using cbtt (from bnbt) and even has some packaging going.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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