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Re: torrent tracker/primary seed software

seth vidal wrote:
> So, 
>  we're setting up the new torrent tracker and we're debating which
> tracker software to use.
> ctorrent: theoretically being maintained and theoretically capable of 
>           being a tracker. It doesn't seem to have any nice 
>           initscripts. And the configuration for additional trackers
>           looks more convulted than might otherwise be desired. Welcome
>           to suggestions on initscripts, etc

Makes a good seed, but that's about it. Also, check out CTCS[1] if you
end up using ctorrent for seeding.

Fedora Unity has used cbtt, ctorrent and tested ctcs in the past and are
working to set it all up again. These softwares would be my personal

[1] http://www.rahul.net/dholmes/ctorrent/ctcs.html

Jonathan Steffan
GPG Fingerprint: 93A2 3E2F DC26 5570 3472 5B16 AD12 6CE7 0D86 AF59

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