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Re: Moin 2.0 (or as I call it, mediawiki)

On 2/12/08, James Laska <jlaska redhat com> wrote:
> Mike McGrath wrote:
> > So I spent some time last night and produced this:
> >
> > https://publictest1.fedoraproject.org/wiki/index.php/FedoraMain
> My apologies ... I'm not tremendously familiar yet with mediawiki
> editing yet.  Is similar Macro functionality available (e.g. Include())?



It's also very easy to create your own plugins - I've done several
small ones for an internal wiki.

> I recall quaid indicating this in the past, but export as docbook is
> available?

>From what I can tell the state of exporting docbook from MediaWiki
isn't very good.  Perhaps that would make a good GSoC for someone.  I
don't know if we'd want to run two wikis, but what about using
DocBookWiki for editing the docs?



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