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Re: Moin 2.0 (or as I call it, mediawiki)

Jeffrey Ollie wrote:
>From what I can tell the state of exporting docbook from MediaWiki
> isn't very good.  Perhaps that would make a good GSoC for someone.  I
> don't know if we'd want to run two wikis, but what about using
> DocBookWiki for editing the docs?
> http://doc-book.sourceforge.net/homepage/

Will the Docs Project need the wiki for writing documentation if we will soon 
have the new Docs platform that DaMaestro is working on? If they still will, 
then there's one thing to take into account: Fedora already had a GSoC 
project which improved Moin's DocBook exporting support 

We haven't been very successful in getting our code into upstream and in this 
case they would want a maintainer for that code as well before merging it. 
Nobody has stepped up to do it, but still migrating to MediaWiki might cause 
us losing the work of one GSoC project and having to set up another doing 
basically a lot of the same work on a different platform.

(I'm not saying we absolutely shouldn't migrate to MediaWiki - and the 
decision isn't mine to make anyway - but I just wanted to mention this as it 
came up in the discussion.)

Ville-Pekka Vainio

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