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Re: news.fp.o

> Its just waiting for a leader from the news site to take the project over.
> I'd highly suggest looking to see if wordpress can do what you want it to
> as it looks like we'll be deploying it elsewhere in our infrastructure.

I've just taken a quick glance at wordpress and it looks like it will
more than likely do the job, two points that I'm not so sure about

* seperate rss feed for upcoming events
* allowing anyone to submit a story for editors approval

To me these two seem fairly minor and can probably be worked around
through clever work flows...based on that I'm happy for wordpress to
be used but I guess should check with the news/marketing teams.

I'm happy to pick this up and lead it but I think should run past rest
of news/marketing first. Definitely think it's something we want doing
as soon as we can :)

Best wishes,

> It'd make deployment much quicker and easier on your part.
>         -Mike
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