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Re: news.fp.o

On Mon, 18 Feb 2008, Jonathan Roberts wrote:

> > Its just waiting for a leader from the news site to take the project over.
> > I'd highly suggest looking to see if wordpress can do what you want it to
> > as it looks like we'll be deploying it elsewhere in our infrastructure.
> I've just taken a quick glance at wordpress and it looks like it will
> more than likely do the job, two points that I'm not so sure about
> though:
> * seperate rss feed for upcoming events
> * allowing anyone to submit a story for editors approval
> To me these two seem fairly minor and can probably be worked around
> through clever work flows...based on that I'm happy for wordpress to
> be used but I guess should check with the news/marketing teams.
> I'm happy to pick this up and lead it but I think should run past rest
> of news/marketing first. Definitely think it's something we want doing
> as soon as we can :)

Just to be clear, we certainly don't *have* to pick wordpress for news,
but it would make things easier on the Infrastructure team and ultimately,
probably easier on you guys if it'd work.


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