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Re: Mailman List Policy for Fedora Hosted

On Feb 19, 2008 10:45 AM, Jeffrey Ollie <jeff ocjtech us> wrote:

> 4) What should the policy on archives be? My proposal:
> A) All lists must have public archives.  The exception would be the
> default "mailman" list.

Agreed on everything (with Mike's caveats) except for this.  There
*will* be exceptions to this rule.  An example that I'm on is
fedora-freemedia-list - we don't want folks home addresses showing up
to anyone that cares to look at the archives.

freemedia is a closed list with private archives, because of the
personal information to be found there.  fedora-board-list is another
one, and I'm sure there's more, dealing with security for example.
There needs to be a method of exception to the rule.

+1 for the general idea, though - there should be *good* reason to get
an exception that requires approval from Someone In Charge(TM)

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