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Re: Outages

On Sat, 5 Jan 2008, Mike McGrath wrote:

> we've had some strange hardware outages over the last week or so.
> Basically 3 box reboots, one time xen6, and once or twice xen1 (I'll have
> to comb the logs more carefully)
> They appear to just lose power but by looking at the logs it seems they
> all lose connection to iscsi just before hand so something else might be
> going on.  Just the same keep an eye out for anything strange.  Those with
> access feel free to comb the logs for more information.  I've contacted
> RHIS to see if they've seen any issues in the colo (brown out, issues with
> the netapp, etc)

Ok, just as I was walking out the door this happened again.  I've moved
the more important guests off of xen1 on to xen2.  xen2 is now running a
lot of guests - app1, app2, app3, koji1, releng1, noc1, puppet1, 3 test
servers.  I'm going to be out for much of the night, any sysadmin-main
guys interested in looking at whats going on with xen1, feel free.


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