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Introduction letter


I am Ramez Hanna from Egypt and i wuld like to contribute to fedora's
I have 5+ years experience as linux systems administrator, dealing
mainly with infrastructure issues such as email servers, httpd, dhcp,
I have been lately involved in virtualization, so far with Xen and
virtual box
I have experience in ZFS, LVM and raid storage 
I have basic knowledge of python and perl
I can automate any task using bash (currently moving into python, but
not there yet)
I have a lot of passion toward Linux and open source, my favourite
distro has been fedora sinse fedora core 1; that's why i chose to use my
free time in contributing to fedora 

Ramez Hanna
38A7 33A4 B5F6 840E A656 9010 57DF 4FF2 833F 051B 

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