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Re: Collaboration Servers!

Mike McGrath wrote:
> collab1.fedoraproject.org is up and running.  Yahoo!  So whats missing?
> Well, it doesn't actually do anything yet.  Plans for it include
> 1) gobby (its AMAZING)

Yes, it is (though it needs transaction support so "undo" can save a mis
-edit). Fedora Unity has been using it for a while now and we really
like it.

> 2) pastebin or something like it (also amazing)

Ok, well Fedora Unity has already setup a stickum instance. I'm all for
a fedora hosted one as we are still low on resources. I might be able to
help with this. I'm also going to send off yet another message to
upstream and ask for commit access.

I have the srpm that nirik did, has there been more progress on the
packaging or should I work on that first?

> 3) mailman.

I almost loath configuring mailman, so I'll deffer on this ;-)

Jonathan Steffan
GPG Fingerprint: 93A2 3E2F DC26 5570 3472 5B16 AD12 6CE7 0D86 AF59

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