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Re: Collaboration Servers!

On Thu, 31 Jan 2008, John Poelstra wrote:

> Mike McGrath said the following on 01/30/2008 01:15 PM Pacific Time:
> > collab1.fedoraproject.org is up and running.  Yahoo!  So whats missing?
> > Well, it doesn't actually do anything yet.  Plans for it include
> >
> > 1) gobby (its AMAZING)
> > 2) pastebin or something like it (also amazing)
> > 3) mailman.
> >
> 4) vnc ?
> Is there any possibility of application (doesn't have to be vnc) whereby
> multiple people could view the same desktop?
> This would be very help for training and collaboration.

This is something I'd talked to John about maybe a month or two back and
came up blank.  Aside from screen casting (which AFAIK, isn't live, only
recorded and played back) I don't know of anything like this aside from
VNC and it seems ill-suited to this job over a WAN link.  Anyone have any
experience with something that does just that?


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