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My name is Finnur Örn Guðmundsson. I live in the Reykjavik area (Hafnarfjordur), Iceland. I am 25 year old.

I work as a Sysadmin at TM Software, a large ASP company here in Iceland.
My job roles are: Deploying and managing SAN networks & storage systems for us and our customers, administering linux/unix machines (of course!), core services (DNS/NTP etc), deploying/debugging hardware (x86 servers mostly) and loads of other stuff. We use RHEL/CentOS as our distro of choice.

I have been watching this mailing list for a while and would like to contribute something back to the Fedora community in some way (Be it packaging, documentation, sysadmin stuff or anything else).

Interests include *NIX, clustering (HA), storage related stuff and more.

I am a RHCA (verify it! 804005656115566).

My programming/scripting skills stink but i am working on that ....

Catch you all on the next meeting.

I'll hang out in #fedora-admin as finnzi

Laters all,

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