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Re: puppet and git

Mike McGrath wrote:
Sooooo.  We've been doing puppet wrong.  Not really wrong but there's a
better way now using modules.

more info: http://reductivelabs.com/trac/puppet/wiki/PuppetModules

Long story short, I (and probably kanarip if I can sucker  him into it :)
will start converting some stuff that we've got to the more module format.
Some benefits:

 * Easier to share with others
 * Much better organization / easier to find stuff
 * The standard actually involves writing a README file per module.  Thats
   a good thing and can help explain some things better.

Before we go making a bunch of changes I'm going to make sure to keep
everyone in the loop with whats going on.  One thing I did want to discuss
is that puppet does have some native support for git now and people are
using it.  I have to say I'm on the fence about it.  Fedora as an
organization is moving more to git, the websites team already uses it.

What are the thoughts on this list?

The GIT support isn't actually native (and neither is the support for any other of the SCM's), and I haven't been able to clone the git module for a couple of months now. Another GIT module (in the works) is at:


(and I hope you like it). There's other more Fedora specific modules as well (like a better puppet module then the one listed on puppet's wiki, or so I'd like to think) because it manages more of puppet, and allows $domain's to override what the module ships (in files and manifests).

I'd like to work on the puppet configuration for Fedora Project as well (but you know that), as soon as I get back from my holiday.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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