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Re: puppet and git (README)

On 2008-07-08 04:20:25 PM, Mike McGrath wrote:
> Our repos are all in one git repo (minus private, still working on
> that).
Hey, the private repo is now in git as well :-)

Here's how to use it:

Old                              | New
cvs -d /cvs/private co private   | git clone /git/private
chmod 700 private                | chmod 700 private
cvs commit                       | git commit
make install                     | git push

I just used git-cvsimport for the converstion, and modified
/usr/local/bin/syncPuppetMaster.sh (does this need to be put in puppet?)
to pull and rsync from there similar to before.  Rsyncing isn't
completely ideal, but since the configs and manifests are in the same
repo and need to be merged with the normal puppet stuff, it was the only
way I could think of, short of splitting the configs and manifests into
separate repos.

Feel free to further restructure - this was just a "get it working
first" attempt.

The old private repo was moved to /cvs/private.disabled


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