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doing FAS2 with sqlalchemy-migrate

Hey List,

There are alot of tickets for FAS2 outstanding that require some
changes to the DB.  Toshio is working on getting sqlalchemy-migrate
into Fedora now, so I felt it would be fitting to get FAS2 to be an
example of how to do it right.  (This means I am probably doing
something wrong.)


This git commit sets up migration for us.  The instructions how to use
it are there.  In short, the overlying design is to assume the DB has
already been configured and deployed using the old method.  This will
manage changes we do on top.  This will make it easier for people with
working development trees to simply migrate their dev systems over
without having to start their DB fresh.

Please poke holes in this plan, so we can have something more solid
that can be used as a gold standard for Fedora Infrastructure


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