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Re: Database Upgrades

Mike McGrath wrote:
So next week will be an interesting week regarding our databases.  It just
so happened this way but db1 and db3 will be ready at about the same time.
The new db1 will replace the old db1 exactly.  We'd already migrated to it
a couple of weeks ago but had to revert after some memory issues came up.
I believe that has been resolved.

db3 is a little different.  db2 will remain as the primary database for
all databases except for koji.  Koji will get moved to db3 which will also
have Postgresql 8.3 on it.  I'd like to leave db2 at 8.1 for the immediate
future, after we've determined db3 is a success we'll schedule a time to
update db2 to 8.3 as well.

Initial, very basic tests (db import) showed that with koji at least,
postgresql 8.3 was significantly faster.  8.5 hours instead of 14.4 hours
to import the koji database.

Mike, just to let you know. My koji runs on pgsql 8.3.3 since yesterday - AFAICS no problems.


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