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WP MU Help

Hi all,

I've come here before talking about getting a news.fp.o site set up
and running, and we've had a test instance up in the past with Lyceum
but we decided to move in the direction of MU. Bret McMillan has been
working very hard on this over the past several months and has now got
a test instance up on publictest13.

He has set-up a public git repo so that others can get the code he's
been working on at:


And says to focus on the fedora branch as bretm-security is
effectively dead now that those changes are upstream.

There is a short to do list of tasks he still needs to accomplish, and
we're looking for anyone who's interested in lending a hand to push
this along. The todo list is (directly from Bret):

1) update wp-config.php generation to account for FORCE_SSL_LOGIN &
FORCE_SSL_ADMIN directives

2) figure out why "blog/" url-path is missing for the primary blog
when installed w/ VHOST == no, causes:


3) do the formal RPM submission admin stuff

4) integrating w/ fedora account system; I have written a plugin
internally for delegating authentication to mod_auth_*... once it
clears the RH process for open-sourcing, can just use that

5) munging the puppet configs for publictest13; I'm slowly learning
puppet, and have no idea what the norms are for Fedora Infrastructure
in this regard.  Guidance/help greatly appreciated.

Any help would be hugely appreciated, along with any guidance on how
to proceed from where we are now to going live with this :)



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