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Re: Email aliases and new cvs requests

Xavier Lamien wrote:

    Here's my idea for stages:

    1) Request for new package with new branch is added to the packagedb.

+ email is sent to the related mailling list to notify that.

<nod> Right now only cvsadmins can branch packages so we can send them mail so they can process the queue.

    2) Request is marked approved by an admin
    3) Packagedb create the record for the package
    4) Packagedb waits for the email alias to be created (currently, the
    packagedb doesn't know for sure that the alias has been created...
    we'll just wait an appropriate length of time.  If this proves
    problematic we can create a URL that records that aliases has been
    created that is only authorized to certain users.)
    5) Packagedb records that the package is ready to be branched.
    6) cvs-int has a cron job that queries for packages to branch,
    branches them, and then records that they have been created.

Sound a nice plan/procedure.
By the way, Why don't make Packagedb able to run cvs-int with related arguments ?
(this will avoid to have cvs-int check when there are no packages to branch)

Security. It's easier for us to audit cron jobs that are on the local machine than it is for us to check what commands are being sent from the packagedb over the network to cvs-int.


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