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Re: Email aliases and new cvs requests

Mike McGrath wrote:
On Sun, 27 Jul 2008, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:

Hi guys,

Last week Seth implemented email aliases for the people who should be notified
of changes to packages.  I used this new functionality to have getnotifylist,
which looks up who to notify on cvs commits, stop querying the pkgdb directly
(a slow operation with multiple points where it could fail) and instead just
construct the alias from the packagename.

This works well except for one case:  When a new package is created, the
alias for the package does not yet exist.  This means that when someone makes
the initial branch for a package they get a bounce message because we were
unable to send to the non-existent email address.

I think the solution is going to have to be that the pkgdb has to do the
branching.  Or, at least, the pkgdb is going to need to know which packages
need branching and cvs-int will have to query for those with a cron job and
perform the action.  That way the new package can be added to the pkgdb along
with a branch request.  The packagedb will record the new package and add the
need for cvs branches to a queue.  The packagedb will take the branch request
through various stages until it is done.

Here's my idea for stages:

1) Request for new package with new branch is added to the packagedb.
2) Request is marked approved by an admin
3) Packagedb create the record for the package
4) Packagedb waits for the email alias to be created (currently, the packagedb
doesn't know for sure that the alias has been created... we'll just wait an
appropriate length of time.  If this proves problematic we can create a URL
that records that aliases has been created that is only authorized to certain
5) Packagedb records that the package is ready to be branched.
6) cvs-int has a cron job that queries for packages to branch, branches them,
and then records that they have been created.

If anyone can think of a better way to solve this, please let me know. I'll
start work on this about the middle of next week.

"Seth implemented email aliases"  What was the criteria for each  alias?

Is there any way to just use the criteria to initially select who should
be on the other end of the alias and email them directly for package
creation and then use the alias after its been created?

We can fallback to getting this information directly from the packagedb. But only if we can figure out one of the following::

* If the cvs hook that returns the email address can detect that the alias does not exist. * If the cvs hook that sends out email can tell that this is the initial branching of a package.

I wasn't able to think of a way to do either of these. If you can, then we could definitely do this as a quick fix.


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