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python-fedora documentation

I've completed the first round of documentation for two major aspects of python-fedora-0.3. The Fedora Services Documentation (announced earlier)and the BaseClient Documentation. Please have a glance at them as there are several backwards incompatible changes here. I'd like to make all backwards incompatible changes in one go so if you have any other changes you want to include, don't hesitate to speak up.

The documents are checked into the bzr repo:
  sudo yum -y install bzr bzrtools
bzr branch bzr://bzr.fedorahosted.org/bzr/python-fedora/python-fedora-devel
  cd python-fedora-devel/doc

And also on the wiki:

I'm looking into how difficult it will be to add two more features before calling this done:

1) Accessing the data via attribute lookup as well as dictionary lookup. So these would be equivalent:

  2) Introspection architecture for the server

I also have a request for enabling batch requests (similar to xmlrpc's multicall) but I have a feeling this will take too long to create it for 0.3. If someone else wants to take a look at how we could implement this by FUDCon I'd be fine with adding it, though.


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