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Introduction - Harrison Conlin


My names Harrison Conlin and I currently live in Sydney, Australia (UTC+10).
For the past month or so I have just been subscribed to the mailing
list and watching the IRC channel seeing how things work in the
infrastructure world, although I decided that it was time I said Hi.
I've been using Linux for around 2 years (Ubuntu for 1.5 years and
Fedora the rest of the time) and have had some experience in setting
up a few general Debian and a home Fedora server.

Learning Python is currently on my list of things to do and although
my current sysadmin skills are lacking I would really like to improve
on these.
The things that interest me (and that i would like to work on in
Fedora infrastructure) are currently are Xen (although I've never used
it, it sounds very cool), the sysadmin-test FIG (always fun playing
with and testing new things) and sysadmin-noc FIG (monitoring is
something that is really cool as well and nobody likes to see downtime
on machines).

I'm usually on irc with the nick harrisony and check my emails pretty often.
Thanks for your time in reading this


P.S - Please excuse any bad spelling, grammar or any errors in this
email as its almost 2am and I'm getting quite tired :)
Harrison Conlin

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