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Request for xen guest for a Testopia proof-of-concept

Testopia (http://www.mozilla.org/projects/testopia/) is an extension of
Bugzilla (http://www.bugzilla.org/) that adds test-case management,
allowing test plans and result reporting to be integrated into the
Bugzilla web UI.

I'm looking to set up a proof of concept deployment of Testopia for
Fedora.  The idea is to experiment with managing installation testing
via this, to see if it works better than using the wiki.  There are
various XML-RPC hooks it supports that might help with automating some
of our testing.

It patches the core of Bugzilla, and hence has to be built as part of
the core package, rather than a separate srpm.  I've submitted a
testopia package for review as bug 450013.

We wouldn't be using the bug-tracking capabilities of it; instead treat
the bz nature of it as simply the libraries/modules that form the
run-time environment.

For now I'd like a virtual machine as a playground for setting this up.
RHEL5.2 OS, 1 gig memory, and 10 gig of disk space would probably be
adequate for now.

I have no idea what the resource constraints are like for Fedora, so if
this is unreasonable then please say so. 

Hope this makes sense; how does this sound?

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