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Wiki URL Structure (Proposed Change)

Okay, so for the last X years http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ would take you directly to the wiki, but I'd like to propose that this changes.

Why? Simple reason, i18n/l10n Moin Moin gave us the easy ability of having all languages in the one wiki installation, Mediawiki doesn't, the proposed solution is a one-wiki-per-language setup, as such the proposed URL structure is fedoraproject.org/XX/wiki which fits into the whole fedoraproject.org/XX/ fedoraproject.org/XX/get-fedora way of things.

The change would involve mod_rewriting /wiki/Foo to /en/wiki/Foo it should be pretty simple but it could potentially be controversial (apparently some people don't like their bookmarks becoming 302s :)

This would be implemented when the testing on internationalising the wiki is done (say 1-3 weeks) and/or when the db1 switch over happens (I'm not sure on the date).

Thoughts, Comments and Suggestions are welcome!

- Nigel

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