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Introduction - Steve Dickinson

Hello everyone,

My name is Steve Dickinson, a user and lover of all things Linux/UNIX. I just joined up yesterday and look forward to interacting with the team while also contributing in any way I can. I've always wanted to make contributions and give back to Linux.

I hold one degree in Software Engineering and I am about 3 months away from finishing up my undergrad in Computer Science.

My day job consists of working for a market research company as a Systems and Applications Developer mainly using Perl. It really has been a Jack Of All Trades role though, involving many other technologies including Red Hat Linux (and many *nixes), Apache, C, CVS, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bash, etc. I've been with this company for almost 12 years now.

Sometime last year I received my LPIC level 1 certification for Linux administration. Once I achieved this goal I became a part-time Linux Administrator for a web-hosting company. The direction I would like to go is to gain more experience on the Linux administration side of things with a mix of Perl/C development. 

I have been a big supporter of Linux for years now with an undying belief in the open source movement and how IMHO it can change the world in many other areas as well.

At home I enjoy administering my own Linux/UNIX boxes (Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Darwin) for the experience and fun of it!

If you see me around feel free to give me a shout!
My nick in IRC and the fedora project is "dsdickinson".

I'm excited about joining the team and look forward to making new friends and expanding my knowledge of Linux. 

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