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Re: hello people,

On Tue, 10 Jun 2008, Lokesh Chakka wrote:

> hello people,
> I am Lokesh from INDIA. With the view of contributing some code to the open source, I joined in to this group. I
> thought I have to contribute atleast some thing and not just using the freely available resources. I am working as a
> developer since while and I am comfortable with programming in C/C++ (only). Because I am holding a job, I may not
> be able to give huge amount of my time. But to some extent or as early as possible, I will complete the work. 
> One more thing is that, I am very much new to these forums. I don't know much how to proceed. Please guide me.
> so if any body is interested in utilising my services, they can contact me.

Welcome Lokesh, I'd strongly suggest you get in touch with the Bugzappers


Fixing bugs that pop up require skills like yours.


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