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Re: hosted1 down

Seth Vidal wrote:

On Tue, 17 Jun 2008, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:

Hey guys,

I have to run for the bus right now.

ricky noticed that hosted1 was down and we took a look. xen on serverbeach4 was having issues. We tried to bring it back but no joy. Currently sb4 is not making one of the disks available to hosted1 and we're still getting corrupt database messages in /var/log/messages::

Jun 17 12:07:21 serverbeach4 xenstored: TDB error on read: Corrupt database
Jun 17 12:07:21 serverbeach4 last message repeated 3 times

Pastebin of ricky and I's IRC transcript here::

Backup of old xenstores is in /var/lib/xenstore.20080617*

I logged in to sb4 and hosted1 at about 8:32 this morning - it all seemed back up and happy. Is there more going on?

Thanks for looking into it!

I did reboot the hosted1 guest just before I left so maybe serverbeach4 was able to give the second disk to the guest the second time around.


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