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Asterisk Status / Future Plans

OK, now that Mike's let the cat out of the bag, let's review the
status of the Fedora Asterisk server:

1) Everything we currently use is fully puppetized (or at least I hope
so).  That includes a cron job that syncs user information from FAS at
10 and 40 minutes after the hour.

2) There are two conferences set up sip:fudcon fedoraproject org and
sip:infrastructure fedoraproject org

3) Dialling in from the DID numbers work, and the directory appears to
be working.

Future plans/ideas:

1) Need content on talk.fedoraproject.org to help folks set up
clients. Max has a done a good job of getting the boilerplate ready so
now we need to do the hard work of writing the content.

2) Better system for provisioning conferences.  Some of the
requirements I have in mind are:

  a) password protected conferences for things like the Fedora
Advisory Board meetings

  b) a way to stream audio using flumotion to a larger listen-only
audience (for the town-hall meetings)

  c) an easy way to provision "normal" conference rooms for other groups

3)  ???

Some of #2 was implemented during our testing phase, so we'll be able
to re-use some of that work.


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