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Re: Fedora TV Submission Form - PHP

2008/6/19 Nigel Jones <dev nigelj com>:
> Jonathan Roberts wrote:
>>> I'd prefer a trac instance, its a pretty low-cost operation for us.  And,
>>> in theory, your team could use it for other stuff.  If its not what
>>> you're
>>> looking for just say so though and we'll look at another solution.
>> Does Trac require a Fedora account to contribute? If it does, I'm not
>> certain this is a big problem, but would need thinking about...
> You can set ticket creation to anonymous, but due to spam, it may be unwise.

OK - could I give the go ahead for a Trac instance? What needs doing,
and what can I do to help you guys out?

I've been thinking it through, and I don't think we'd need anonymous
ticket creation as FAS2 is such a low barrier to entry these days, and
if it encourages people to sign up and become more involved in what
ever way they wish, then I think it's probably a good direction to



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