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Re: Fedora TV Submission Form - PHP

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
2008/6/19 Nigel Jones <dev nigelj com>:
Jonathan Roberts wrote:
I'd prefer a trac instance, its a pretty low-cost operation for us.  And,
in theory, your team could use it for other stuff.  If its not what
looking for just say so though and we'll look at another solution.

Does Trac require a Fedora account to contribute? If it does, I'm not
certain this is a big problem, but would need thinking about...

You can set ticket creation to anonymous, but due to spam, it may be unwise.

OK - could I give the go ahead for a Trac instance? What needs doing,
and what can I do to help you guys out?

I've been thinking it through, and I don't think we'd need anonymous
ticket creation as FAS2 is such a low barrier to entry these days, and
if it encourages people to sign up and become more involved in what
ever way they wish, then I think it's probably a good direction to
Hi Jon,

You just need to go to https://fedorahosted.org/web/new

- Nigel


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