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Re: Announcing FAS2 Tests!

On Thu, 6 Mar 2008, susmit shannigrahi wrote:

> [Feature]
> Should not "Apply for a new group" point to complete list of groups?
> That will make finding a group easier.
> If one does not know which particular group he/she wants to join, right now
> he/she has to click all the letters !!!!
> Also "Group list" should point to the alphabetic list instead of the whole list.
> Whats say?

This is actually a symptom of another problem I've been bouncing around in
my head and have been unable to figure out.  Groups in FAS could be a
whole team, or a subgroup of the team or just a tracker.  For example
"fedorabugs" is a group but not one that meets up for meetings or

"sysadmin" is a group, we meet here and people work as part of the team to
get something done.  sysadmin-web is a sub group of that group that works
just on the servers.

>From the point of view of someone new to Fedora I have no idea how to get
that kind of point across.  The closest I came was to put in the help and
in the about section to get to know the teams first before applying.  Like
asking someone to marry you, its best to know the answer before you ask
the question and apply.

I'm open to ideas on this though I suspect the best answer is to better
beef up this page - http://fedoraproject.org/join-fedora and what it links


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