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Re: Wiki changes

On Tue, 4 Mar 2008, Mike McGrath wrote:

> I'm making some more wiki tweaks today, if you're a regular wiki user
> please stop by #fedora-admin and let me know how its going.  Basically I'm
> allowing more processes to run but for a shorter amount of time.  This
> will cause the longer running threads to be killed much sooner and should
> free up resources for the normal day-to-day stuff that has been suffering
> over the last couple of weeks.  I'm looking into why we've had more
> timeouts recently though I suspect its because the release is close, more
> people are editing and using the wiki.
> Please let me know what your experiences are with the wiki over the next
> couple of days.

In case anyone is curious, we are seeing a drop in 503's on the wiki from
our change yesterday.  We had a spike this morning but that was my tests
and puppet conflicting and has been fixed.  I'm going to run this test
again in a few days to see how it looks on a longer timeline.

http://mmcgrath.fedorapeople.org/HttpCodes.png <-- pretty graph


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