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Re: Mailman list for triage - special requirements

Bill Nottingham said the following on 03/06/2008 11:54 AM Pacific Time:
Jon Stanley (jonstanley gmail com) said:
John Poelstra and I were just thinking about a mailing list for
watching incoming bugs.  Unfortunately, I don't know that there's the
right combination of checkboxes in Bugzilla to just get mail about new
bugs.  However, filtering based on mail header could get that - every
new bugmail that Bugzilla sends has a header of
"X-Bugzilla-Changed-Fields: New" that could be filtered on.

The question is whether or not mailman is capable of filtering based
on arbitrary header values.  Note that this question doesn't mean
we'll actually do this, we're still mulling over whether or not it's
actually a good idea at all (and input on that front is welcomed
too!).  However, we want to know if it's technically possible or how
much effort would be needed to accommodate the request.

Why is this better than a RSS feed or similar?


Mostly different work styles and how you approach your "work". A lot of people work from email as a task list. I tend to approach a lot of tasks in "batches" where I collect work items, address them, and cross them off a list. If the folder is empty I know I am up to date. I would agree an RSS reader could fill the same function.

This is different than opening a web browser and manually querying bugzilla to locate "work items".... push vs. pull information flow.


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