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Re: Mailman list for triage - special requirements

Jon Stanley said the following on 03/06/2008 02:04 PM Pacific Time:
On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 2:54 PM, Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com> wrote:

 Why is this better than a RSS feed or similar?

Good question - as John said below, different people prefer different
workflows. For those that might like RSS, there's the shiny new:



This work REALLY well and it is really nice being able to scroll through the list of bugs and look for summaries I think I can triage!

I know bugzilla has RSS capabilities, but I'd never looked into them before. I'd vote for dropping the email idea.

What is the advantage of using feedburner? One thing I immediately like about it is that the URL is not a mile long like bugzilla queries.


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