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Re: FAS2->bugzilla permissions

Jon Stanley wrote:
Hey guys -

Folks in the fedorabugs group should get the fedora_contrib permission
bit set in bugzilla - I sponsored a new person into fedorabugs this
evening, and they don't seem to be picking up bugzilla permissions
after several hours?  Can someone check that the cron that does that
is still functional with FAS2?

This was broken in two ways.

1) There is a script (export-bugzilla.py) which didn't get updated to use FAS2's bugzilla queue instead of the fedorausers database. Since the db schema is the same for that table, a quick port should be possible by just pointing the script at fas2 and adding a user/password that can read and delete from bugzilla_queue there.

2) There seems to be a problem in the triggers as the bugzilla_queue table in the database doesn't accurately reflect who was changed. I think I've fixed this portion.

It's too late at night for me to be safely mucking around directly in the database right now but I'll check on #2, add the list of new approvals that Jon sent me, and update bugzilla via the script in #1 tomorrow. If everything looks good, I'll get the script to automatically running on an app server as well.


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