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Introduction - Jeremy Fluhmann


My name is Jeremy Fluhmann and I live in a small community 35 miles north of San Angelo, TX.  I work (commute 45 minutes each way) at Angelo State University as a Technology Services Specialist.  While the title is pretty ambiguous, I work in the IT department as part of the Infrastructure group.  My job duties are that of a sysadmin.  I help maintain the Windows servers, SAN, and our virtual infrastructure (VMware's ESX servers).  Most (not all) of the linux boxes are currently maintained outside of our group (by people that used to be in the Infrastructure group), but we're moving towards bringing those back into our group and switching from Gentoo to Redhat.  Great for me since it will allow me to go to some Redhat training, as I'm hoping to move into the main Linux admin role.

My background is mainly in developing web-based management tools.  I'm a Perl guy, so all of my stuff thus far has been Perl (along with the usual XHTML, CSS, and _javascript_).  I've picked up a few Python books and have been wanting to take on a project to help make me learn Python.  I've been running Ubuntu on my $work desktop and laptop for a little over a year and have previously worked with Fedora and Redhat systems at a previous job (developing web applications).  I run a personal server at home and will likely be switching it over to Fedora.

As far as community involvment, I ran YAPC::NA 2007 (Yet Another Perl Conference, North America) and am currently organizing an open source symposium (http://www.texasoss.org/).  I also serve as Vice President of the Strategic Open Source SIG (a Special Interest Group of the Texas Computer Education Association) and am looking to organize an Open Source User Group in San Angelo.

My interest in the group is with the sysadmin-tools, sysadmin-web, and sysadmin-noc groups.  I hope to be able to give back as much as I take away from the group.


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